Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Renegade Handmade and Naming News

This weekend some of our friends from Oswego (that's the suburban hometown in which I was raised) came up to visit. Last time they were up here the Renegade Craft Fair was going on and I really wanted to take them because they are both fellow crafters. But, unfortunately it was a very rainy day so no one was up for walking outside in mass crowds of people. So, this time I decided to take them to Renegade Handmade, which is a handmade shop near the Division Blue Line stop.

It was awesome!!! They had a bunch of sweet plush and some really cool handmade prints of posters for bands (like Death Cab and Feist). Elliot found a Seibei shirt (Sandwich Dinosaur... can't find the real shirt but that's the link to the kid's version) that he has been wanting, which is exciting because he didn't have to pay shipping. I aslo got a pretty kickin' shirt ------>
It's cupcakes getting on the L... SO CUTE! It even has the little saftey dots by the edge. Yay for the cute cupcake shirt!

The other purchase I made that was really exciting was a Shawnimals plush. I learned about Shawnimals last year around Christmas break and that is really what inspired me to start making plush ^_^ I've been wanting a plush from Shawnimals for quite some time now and I am now the proud owner of a Pocket Pork ^_^ The best news is that the pocket pork is handmade! Once I found the black stitching at the bottom I knew that he had to come home with me.

In other news, with the opening of Lollishops coming up so soon, I've been thinking a lot about my shop title, AliceTwasBrillig. I use this screenname on pretty much every website that I venture to. But, I've been thinking lately that it is way to hard to spell and it isn't related to what I am selling. So I think the store is switching over to the name "Plushzels", a cross between Plushies and Puzzles. I was a little nervous about my Etsy store name being different from my Lollishop name but, the Lollies were super helpful! They suggested that I keep my Etsy account and just change my banner to say "Plushzels by AliceTwasBrillig" and then tag everything with "plushzels" so that I don't loose my feedback and sale numbers. I'm excited to get to work on the new banners ^_^

Oh and update on current projects: Still working on my website, doing a chipmunk make-up design today, and finally started up work on my gingerbread house for the Lollishops Contest ^_^

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