Friday, March 20, 2009

Fish Face

This was a latex appliance that I have been working on for the better part of the semester in my Stage Make-Up II class. This process is quite involved, you have to do a head cast, then sculpt on the finished head, then cast that with plaster, and then finally do a slosh mold with latex and paint! The actual appliance takes over my forehead, nose and cheeks (gills). I think one of the best parts of this design is that the seem of the forehead is actually about a finger's width above the scale and you can't really tell at all ^_^

For my next and final project in Stage Make-Up II I'm going to be doing a foam appliance based on Brian Froud.

Other exciting news, a photography major contacted me today about doing make-up for her final project. It's going to be a super awesome project and I'm very excited for it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blood on White Laces

So in my other post I mentioned that I have been doing some make up work for Cinergy. This top picture is me starting to paint some cuts for Blood on White Laces. These cuts were done with some nose/scar putty attached by spirit gum and then painted with creme makeup and blood... woo!

Ooo, this above picture has some blood added to it. Which destroyed that nice white dress... wahahaha

And this is just me finishing up the look. I'm hoping to get some more special effects make-up jobs for films... ah the benefits of attending a huge film school.

Make-up stuff I should have posted forever ago...

This was for my Stage Make-up 1 final. I was Captain Jack Sparrow! Though several people said I look like Ted Neeley in the top photo.

Yeah this is from December... I've been super busy! I did make-up for two short films done by Columbia College's Cinergy. The films are in post right now but I'll try to link to them once they are up here on this little place we call the internet.